Our Programs Scholarships

The LDAC Foundation is proud to offer financial assistance to graduating high school seniors and continuing undergraduate students with a financial need attending a four-year accredited college or university. Since 2011, we have awarded over $260,000 in scholarships.

These scholarships are available to all eligible students with declared or undeclared majors. Scholarships are awarded each year in May. Applicants must show achievement in academics, civic leadership or a record of community service. The Foundation Scholarships are merit-based and awarded to qualified students. All recipients shall be in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and as described by the respective scholarship criteria.

To apply for a Foundation Scholarship, you must complete the online application and provide the requested information for the application.

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients

Student NameCollege AttendingAmount
Nathan EyasuCornell University$10,000
Kameron HudsonUnconfirmed$1,000
Evan McCoomerUnconfirmed$1,000
Tyler RhoneUnconfirmed$1,000
Lonnie ColeUnconfirmed$1,000
Christian MasonWest Georgia$1,000
Christian WlsonUnconfirmed$1,000
Justin LloydUnconfirmed$1,000
Alpha BarryKennesaw State University$1,000
Jalen CauleyGeorgia Institute of Technology$1,000
Pape DiopGeorgia Institute of Technology$1,000
Jawun JacksonGeorgia Institute of Technology$1,000
Xavier Jones-BenjaminDartmouth University$1,000
Matthew KadedaAugusta University$1,000
Trase LeeGwinnett Technical College$1,000
Christian McIntyreKennesaw State University$1,000
Jeremy OwusuUniversity of Michigan$1,000
Maurice SamuelsUniversity of North Georgia$1,000
Jeremi HolmesUnconfirmed$750
Cameron FryarUnconfirmed$750
Jordan GrandisonUnconfirmed$750
Myles HayesUnconfirmed$750
Jamaal LeggettUnconfirmed$500
Korey GraddyUnconfirmed$500
Nathaniel LipedeUnconfirmed$500
Ticko SuttonUnconfirmed$500
Christian McIntyreUnconfirmed$500
Austin GeerUnconfirmed$250
Chris StodartUnconfirmed$250
Owen ChrisyianUnconfirmed$250
Student NameCollege AttendingAmount
David PalmerRice University$10,000
Michon ShawSavannah State University$5,000
Ryan BirchKennesaw State University$1,000
Cameron BurkeOglethorpe University$1,000
Chris CheronoGeorgia Tech$1,000
Amari HolmesMorehouse College$1,000
Corban JohnsonUndecided$1,000
Evan JohnsonUnivesity of Georgia$1,000
Elijah SimonVanderbilt University$1,000
Camerson WhiteCornell University$1,000
Nathaiel YabkeyUnivesity of Georgia$1,000
Jayden DavisFort Valley State University$500
Malcolm WalkesGeorgia Knights Preparatory College$750
Gavin PolyniceGeorgia Gwinnett College$500
Kevin GraddyKennesaw State University$250
Chase (Reginald) WilliamsKennesaw State University$1,000
Jordan SingletonMiddle Georgia State University$250
Corban JohnsonStudy Music, School TBD$1,000
Michon ShawSavannah State University$750
Barrett JohnsonGeorgia State University$1,000
Joshua BellMercer University$500
Devin SmithwickMiddle Tennessee State University$750
Joshua DavisStetson University$1,000
Lluke PaytonGeorgia State University$750
Khyree WallaceUndecided$1,000
Kameron SmithMorehouse College or Furman University$500
James ScottUndecided$500
Chase (Reginald) WilliamsKennesaw State University$1,000
Barrett JohnsonGeorgia State University$1,000
Ruth Atswei AdjeteyGeorgia Southern$1,000
Valina BeauviorGeorgia State$1,000
Student NameCollegeAmount
Jalen BrownGeorgia Southern – Computer Science$1,000
Marcus TaylorGGC – Civil Engineering$1,000
Isaiah McCallaGGC – Business Mgt$1,000
Chandler DulaWilliams College – Economics$1,000
Brandon JamesMorehouse College – International Business$1,000
Landon WadeNortheastern Univ – Civil Engineering$1,000
Makhi FranklinMorehouse – Business$1,000
Garrett ReddittTexas A&M – Architecture$1,000
Matthew McDowellMorehouse – Pre-Med$1,000
Lance JacksonKennesaw State – Computer$1,000
Paris SwinsonKansas State – Psychology/Marketing$1,000
Jordan BoykinsKennesaw State – Computer Sofware Engineer$1,000
Thai GoldenGGC – Business Administration$1,000
Noahh I.I. PaytonKennesaw State/Computer Software Engineer$1,000
Christopher BurnsKennesaw State – Game Designer$1,000
Devin LoydFlorida A&M – Mechanical Engineering$1,000
Leonard Wilson IIKennesaw State – Vocal Performance$1,000
Jacobi RaingeMonroe Community College – Communication and Media Studies$1,000
Xavier ButlerBrandeis Univ – Chemistry$1,000
Bill Brooksundecided$250
Blake JacksonUndecided$750
Kameron BrownAuburn University$750
Laris Spates IIIUndecided$750